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Hello again, internet.

Hello again, internet.

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"Life. Don't talk to me about life."

Right now, life is still boring as shit, but I'm okay with that, as stuff is happening. Oh, yes. I shall proceed to bore you with exactly what is happening.

- Nintendo dropped the price of the 3DS. They also are giving 20 free games to those who bought one before the price drop. I bought one before the price drop, and am excited for the first 10 games, to be released on Sept. 1st.

- My sister is moving to a different state. Now, ordinarily, I would be ecstatic about this, but I was hoping to move there myself early next year.

- My dad and I are helping her move, by taking her stuff to her a few days after she leaves. After we drop off her stuff, we are taking a short vacation.

- My friendships with co-workers is attempting to break into friendships outside of work, but that's difficult, as our work schedules clash, not allowing us to have free time at the same time, aside from night time, and I seem to be the only night person.

- My creative block has lifted slightly, and I'm starting to have ideas again. None of these are stories, but they're good ideas, and I need to play with them, so I don't lose them, and maybe smash that block entirely.

And that's it. Goodnight, internet.
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