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I bought a 3DS today. I think this is the first gaming system I've…

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I bought a 3DS today. I think this is the first gaming system I've successfully bought on launch day.

I went in to the Walmart where I work, only to be told that nobody could find them, and left with the impression that the store didn't even get a shipment of them.

I went to work the next morning, in a fouler mood than normal despite an extra hour of sleep, and did my work as usual. Didn't have a bad day at all, really, just had a foul mood from my experience the day before and the fact that I really fucking hate mornings.

I went to my lunch break, intending to tear down a sign in Electronics department reading "NINTENDO 3DS! COMING MARCH 27TH!!!" that was printed off in the back room by someone who didn't even use a word processor to make the sign, when I found a buddy of mine who was just looking at the games. I told him the story of what happened the previous night, and pointed to an empty spot on the shelf where the 3DS was suppo-OH SHIT! There's like 10 of each color here!

I bought one right that second.

I kinda want to go back tonight and wave the thing in the faces of those idiots I interacted with last night.
  • So, what colour did you pick?
    • Black. My DS and GBA are black, and I didn't want to break the combo.

      That and I thought the blue was too pastel of a blue to be pleasing to my eyes.
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