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I hate December. Mostly, it's just people, all being…

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I hate December. Mostly, it's just people, all being "Christmas-spirited." Bollocks to that. People need to get their shit done and not crowd Walmart for the entire last week prior to the 25th.

Also it's cold, but here in Arizona, I realize that I've handled colder than this. So, I do think I might actually bitch less about the cold. It also helps that I have this "work suit" that I've ended up sweating in after walking through 40 degree (F) weather. It takes a LOT for me to sweat. Even then, it's only my shoulders that sweat.

Well, that's all that's on my mind right now. I lead a pretty dull life.
  • Agree to the Christmas spirit thing. If I had to work at a place where they played Christmas music all December, I'd have to shoot myself.
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