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An open letter

An open letter

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Dear major software companies,

Thanks for bringing the Mac back into the gaming world. Valve making Steam for Mac (and then temporarily releasing Portal for free, as a bonus for it's launch) was a huge step in breaking the Mac/PC wall.

So, what I'm asking is, could you guys make some Mac exclusive games again? Or even just a limited Mac release of a highly anticipated game prior to the PC release?

What I'm saying is, PC users nowadays haven't really felt the frustration of seeing the most popular game slip through their hands merely because they can't afford the system that the game is exclusive to.

Why is the Mac version of Fable still $50, when Fable 3 is out? Why are there "classic" games on Steam that were originally Mac games, but are still PC exclusives to Steam? (A good example of this is Lucasarts' Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series, when one of Mac Steam's launch titles was the Lucasarts Adventure Game Bundle.)

Many regards,
- Shade
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